How to check and update Composer version. It's very easy and simple.

Do you wanna check your Composer version? It's easy. Open your Terminal/CommandPrompt. and type composer then press Enter. now you can check current version of your Composer.   How to update Composer itself? Then if you want to update Composer, composer self-update and press Enter. That's all. Now you can check new version. In this image, my Composer updated to 1.10.15(stable). Also if you want to make the composer back to the previous version, use the command composer self-update --rollback Just in case, if you got error or any problem with new version.   You are using an outdated version ...


What is console in Javascript? It makes confuse JS beginners.

I started to learn Javascript. But I don't get it what to do with what I learnt when I make websites or apps. I'm about to give up. Don't you feel Javascript is just too difficult? Do you feel you don't know what you are doing when you learn Javascript? And while you are learning Javascript, you must feel "What the hell is Console? Where is it? Is Console a browser window or not?" I felt the same way when I started learning. So I'll teach you what the hell is Console in Javascript and you won't confuse any more! ...